Heal Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Resolve Your Inner Conflicts
Learn to transmute War Energies
Restore Inner Harmony and Peace.

Granted life has presented you with a huge challenge: you never expected this to happen to you. But it did. Now it is up to you to decide whether to proceed in battlemind mode to fight for your own emotional survival, i.e. to fight for your own well-being, including the many different levels and issues that have been tearing up your gut — the ones that you don’t even dare to admit to yourself.

It may be hard for you to believe, but I do know too well, what I’m suggesting. I’m more than aware how tough it is. I’ve been fighting my own battles for my emotional survival. Self-pity has not worked out well for me, but I was unwilling to give up. I was searching for one treatment method that would not only resolve surface but also deep-core issues at the same time. That’s when I was inspired to create my own.

 When I created my “Healing PTSD Trauma” CD set I had you, the veteran, in mind. I wanted to save you the lengthy process that so many of you have to go through without ever getting to the point where you can say “I am trauma free”. By listening to my CD set you will conquer your PTSD, heal your emotional trauma and attain a high vibrational energy level. You will have gained inner freedom.

There are quite a few theories about the possible causes of post-combat stress (PTSD) and which healing modalities work best.  Science has established that first and foremost, we are vibrational beings. This is why healing the vibrational body first becomes priority number one. This is the basis for my Universal Vibrational Therapy┬«. Traditional methods have not been updated to include the vibrational energy body. 

 “Healing PTSD Trauma” reaches the deepest corners of your psyche. It transmutes any present and past emotional trauma, your symptoms of PTSD, the feelings which torment you and any toxic energy which have interfered with your ability to lead a happy, joyful, successful life. It will transmute any ancestral trauma and vibrations that have been lingering in the energy field of military families for centuries. Or families that have been traumatized in different ways. 

You may be tortured by guilt, shame, grief and thoughts like “Why had it happen to me?”, “Why they, why not me?”. The innocent child’s eyes may haunt you or maybe, it’s a different picture in your mind that tears at your gut. ‘What if?’ There you felt alive, and here? You pretend to be here, but you are still there or some place else. After you had looked death into the eye, civilian life feels void of meaning or you feel you don’t belong. Give yourself a chance, listen to the CD set. You will find yourself.

Join the disabled vets who acknowledged that the benefits of the CD set turned their lives around, enabled them to improve their relationships, succeed in their work or studies. Or the vets who discovered that their PTSD had never belonged to them in the first place. Or the civilians in coma, with concussion/TBI after car accidents who overcame their PTSD and were able to resume happy, productive lives again. Or the survivors of childhood abuse, birth trauma, and ancestral trauma who, after their trauma had been healed, learned to enjoy life. Or individuals with borderline symptoms who found peace and harmony.

Whatever your trauma, the vibrational energy of the Universal Vibrational Therapy┬«  will transmute it and heal your heart, mind and soul. The complexity of your trauma may determine how many times you want to listen to the CD to resolve your trauma completely. How often you need to “restabilize your energy” will depend directly on the toxic energies you are exposed to on a daily basis. They will trigger your initial symptoms, your body’s signal to you that your highest energetic frequency has been compromised.

Restabilizing your energy, as an automatic habit, is your safeguard to sustain a healthy vibrational energy field which sustains your overall level of well-being and physical health. This is where your disciplined fighter spirit is of prime importance. Only then, you will ensure your high-level performance in a world filled with disharmonious energies.

Stop carrying around your heavy burden. Allow the invisible shackles to be transmuted through my safe, gentle method. It does not require you to relive or recount your traumatic memories. After having listened to the CDs you will feel much lighter. Within your reach are gratifying relationships with loved ones, family, friends, meaningful, successful work situations, or studies, and the fun of recreational activities. Allow yourself to live in the now and visualize how to spend the rest of your life in a for you meaningful way. It is within your reach. Are you ready?

To sum it up: The CD “Healing PTSD Trauma” will transmute your emotional trauma, symptoms of PTSD and energy blocks to heal your heart, mind and soul through an energetic shift. The CD “Restabilize Your Energy” will teach you self-mastery of your vibrational energy to sustain the gains achieved. You’ll feel great about yourself!


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