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How To Resolve Your PTSD MST

Brain Science Connects Emotional-Vibrational Frequency

to heal PTSD, MST

Brain Fitness or PTSD — What is Your Choice?


Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH
War Trauma Survivor
Creator of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM


Dear Friends,

Are you aware how easy it has become to measure the brain activity that signals your fear, anxiety and then again pleasurable thoughts of love and joy?

For decades medical doctors have used digital machines to test, diagnose, and monitor the status of your physical health. Pharmaceutical laboratories have been preoccupied to develop pills for any kind of condition. Surgeries have become increasingly sophisticated. More and more frequently, it has been discovered that as a result, you might develop an emotional trauma. It is not new to measure the electric frequencies of your brain while you experience panic states or other symptoms of PTSD, Only as of late, it has been proven that the neural chemistry of the brain responds extremely well to the higher level frequencies of emotional signals like love, harmony, peace.


These test results and their applications in latest brain fitness programs confirm that trauma and post-traumatic stress as well as military rape and any other emotional trauma, whether they occurred yesterday or decades ago, can be healed through changing your mindset. Brain fitness or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — what is your choice?


Now let me analyze the concept of raising your brain frequencies from low-level to high-level frequencies in Hz. Depression, suicidal thoughts, hate, anger are low frequency. Higher frequency feelings are harmony and love. You can look at detailed graphs how to reach inner fulfillment through self-actualization on my


In our world it is quite normal for the mass media to report upsetting news about violence non-stop. Your brain registers these news as low-level frequency. As a result you may become more and more angry about what’s happening. It may occur just at a point when you seemed to have your own emotional trauma under control. However, now you feel completely out of balance. Of course, you blame your PTSD, while everybody else around you may also be flooded with low-level frequency feelings about latest traumatic events in this chaotic world. So you may not be able to count on them to help you out.


Your issue is how to counterbalance the low-frequency vibrations through loving harmonious ones. If you believe you can make it on your own, by all means give it a try. Any kind of self-reflection, spiritual practice, like prayers, meditation, yoga, may give you a head start. If you are lucky, it may suffice. However, usually more is involved to resolve your deficit in high-level frequency vibrations. I found it out for myself. That’s how the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM came about in 1992. I distilled it to save you the years of not feeling complete within yourself. I named the CDset: “Healing PTSD Trauma”. It is an efficient, targeted method to transmute the vibrational components of emotional trauma and its symptoms and for you to rediscover harmony and joy. The CDset is unique. It turned my customers’ lives around to achieve a great level of well-being.


However, let me caution you: it comes with one responsibility, viz. to sustain the high-level vibrational frequency through an easy, brief daily regime of the Universal Vibrations. From then on, you are on your own with the tools that afford you to enjoy improved relationships, to pursue your purpose in life and to manifest your visions and dreams.


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Cultural-Generational Clash or PTSD

Trauma/PTSD passed on
within Families for Generations

by War Trauma Survivor Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

I have been emphasizing in my writing how to conquer post-combat stress and symptoms of PTSD. As a war trauma survivor I had created my Universal Vibrational Therapy TM over twenty years ago to heal my own trauma. My “Healing PTSD Trauma” CD set will allow you to heal your trauma too.

My “Healing PTSD Trauma” method was also designed to resolve the invisible wounds that you, a survivor of intergenerational trauma or transgenerational trauma, may be experiencing. Transgenerational or intergenerational trauma means that an emotional trauma has been passed down within families from one generation to the next. It tends to afflict families, exposed to the most horrendous atrocities in their country of origin, e.g. genocide like it happened in Cambodia. This subject has been taboo in your family. You may be clueless why your parents are always stressed out and why their behavior is so irrational. There is no need to fear that it is genetic. You get extremely anxious or hyperaroused when your parents are. From your perspective your parents are still stuck in ‘awkward’ customs of their native country and give you a hard time. You have no idea that their condition is called post-traumatic stress, PTSD, as is yours.

An outsider may assume a generational clash is taking place between you, the child, and your parent, aggravated by different cultural customs.

So here you are, trying to find out why you feel the way you do. You have experienced a childhood trauma of a very special kind. You have been exposed to the energies of war and terror which your parents have been carrying for decades, ever since you were conceived. As a small child you have observed your parents’ behavior and may have adopted it as your own. Your symptoms may range from emotional numbness to extreme anxiety. You may be withdrawn or prone to hypervigilance, violence, even belong to a gang to escape and commit crimes. Or you may have taken on your parents’ energy and become depressed when they are or overly stressed out, though there is no obvious reason for it. You may feel anxious, depressed, alone, with low-esteem, display suicidal behavior, and maybe engage in substance abuse.

In an ideal situation, you and your parents would have been able to share your mutual concerns. Your parents would have broken their silence and talked about their horrific experiences. A new understanding of your parents’ trauma and their symptoms of PTSD would have enabled you to enter into a more compassionate relationship with them. You would also have been able to explore your own feelings, develop resilience as coping mechanism in daily life or crisis situations with the aim to adopt a life-style filled with joy and happiness.

Maybe one day, you and your parents will heal from your respective traumas. The good news is that you don’t have to wait any longer to resolve your PTSD. My method is ideal when talking about your trauma is too painful and triggers all kinds of symptoms. It will heal your parents and your own symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). I am referring to the CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma”. You will comfortably relax in a chair while listening to the CDs. Your disruptive war energies and symptoms will be transmuted. You might want to listen first alone and then later together with your parents or the whole family. If called for, you can then interpret the text of the CDs. You might want to select what feels most comfortable in your situation. It will be so much easier to listen to the CDs in the comfort of your home than taking your reluctant parents to counseling sessions.

Will it not be wonderful for you and your parents to live together without having to fear that the energies of trauma and symptoms of PTSD will be retriggered? Can you imagine how greatly relieved you will be? It will feel like a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders. It will be great to experience your parents completely relaxed and in a good mood. Can you imagine how much easier it will be to get along? Not only your parents will benefit greatly from healing PTSD, but so will you. Your symptoms of PTSD will be resolved too. You’ll be able to smile with a newly found sense of confidence and self-worth knowing that your future looks brighter than ever before.

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Unique PTSD Healing Method

Vibrational Energy Therapy

“Healing PTSD Trauma”

Resolves Deep-Seated Wounds

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH
War Trauma Survivor,
Creator of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM

Increasing public awareness about PTSD is important. It is equally important to accept that healing from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) is within your reach, if you so desire. The belief that there is no cure for post-traumatic stress (PTSD) is outdated. As many benefits as traditional therapeutic methods have, they do not reach the inner core of PTSD. Energy therapy does.

Talking therapy, like CBT and any variation thereof, basically help you to become aware that your life is no longer at risk and teach you coping mechanisms, e.g. resilience, ego-strengthening techniques, etc. First, you may feel relieved, but then you realize that your invisible wound and many of the feelings linked to it are still within you. You start to wonder will you ever own yourself again? Once you have arrived at this point, it is time to search for a different solution. Look no further. My Universal Vibrational Therapy TM will transmute the energies of your symptoms of PTSD according to a disciplined protocol.

You will find more details further down, but first I want you to consider that not only veterans are suffering from the invisible wound of PTSD. While the nature of the trauma may be vastly different for civilians, the inner war is not. Too many individuals have been misdiagnosed and been battling PTSD for decades. It is unfortunate that wars, sacrifice of lives and health of our veterans had to become the eye-opener for many doctors and mental health practitioners to realize that their civilian patients had been exhibiting symptoms of PTSD. I would like to mention that my CDset “Healing PTSD Trauma” has healed veterans and civilians alike from their traumas and symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

My Universal Vibrational Therapy TM has the unique advantage that it transmutes the trauma and its symptoms of PTSD through a disciplined method. Once the trauma has been transmuted through an energetic shift, it will feel like a big burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You will feel lighter and at peace within yourself. From then on, you will cleanse your vibrational field through a daily brief regime from any new energy disrupters which may have originated within your family, work situation, community, mass media, etc. The brief regime “Restabilize Your Energy” will ensure that your vibrational energy will sustain you from then on.

If you so desire, healing from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) is within reach. Would it not be wonderful to own yourself again? To restart your life on a completely new level, with a commitment to yourself to sustain your higher level of being, to feel love in your heart again, clarity of mind and peace at your core? Are you ready to treat yourself to a new level of well-being? “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is waiting for you.


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PTSD: To Conquer or to Deal With It

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, L-CSW-R, CtH
Trauma Expert, War Trauma Survivor

PTSD: What do you expect from yourself –
To Conquer your PTSD or to Deal with it?
What is Your Choice?

heart-fieldYou have returned home from combat. After a few weeks you may start having flashbacks, or become hypervigilant with uncontrollable outbursts of rage. You may experience nightmares or a combination of all of these symptoms or even others. In the waiting room at the VA you get a chance to listen in on the conversations of other vets. You learn that some of them have been coming here for years, even decades, for their medication to support their mental and/or physical health. What about therapy you ask? It has not always worked.

Often it appeared as if their trauma treatment were successful, yet symptoms returned when least expected. You get a rundown of the different kinds of therapies which are being used at the different VA Hospitals. You hear that the VA has been sponsoring research in hopes to find more effective treatment methods than the ones prevalent right now. Finally, it is your turn. After the usual routine of test batteries and consultation, it turns out that your diagnosis is PTSD. Your treatment of short-term exposure therapy combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy is to start in a few weeks. A prescription is handed to you.

What is PTSD?

The American Psychiatric Association has classified post-traumatic stress (PTSD) as a mental disorder in their DSM-IV edition. It intends to change the diagnosis for veterans to post-combat stress in their next edition. In general, PTSD has been considered as a severe anxiety disorder, caused by exposure to a potentially life-threatening event. Looking at PTSD from a scientific viewpoint, you may start to wonder whether it might need to be reclassified as an energy disorder. Allow me to explain my viewpoint.

Scientists have long recognized that each cell in our physical body is supported by intricate systems of energy, i.e. the energy body.. Already in 1931 Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg measured tiny electronic voltages in cells. From then on, research continued with astounding results. The functioning of organs, e.g. kidneys or liver, has been measured by the different frequencies these tiny electromagnetic impulses emit. Not so long ago, a special version of the MRI has been designed to measure the energetic health of individuals diagnosed with blast-induced TBI and PTSD.

Aside from the energetic structures within the physical body, there is also a broad protective layer, the energy field, around the body, with the function to protect the energy body, and the other bodies (i.e. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) from invasion of hostile energies. On the battlefield this protective energy field is overpowered by the onslaught of powerful hostile energy waves, (i.e. blasts of IEDs). These hostile energies proceed to invade the energy body. The energy body then alarms the other bodies in a chain reaction. According to Integrative Medicine the body which was attacked first, needs to be healed first. In this case, the energy body has been violated first. Therefore, it needs to be healed first. Only then, healing the other bodies fully will succeed.

While the invasion of our energy body and the chain reaction to alarm the other bodies occurs, the only message which our conscious awareness understands is when the PTSD symptoms set in. It is the signal to heal the compromised energy body, to take action to heal and strengthen it. Only then, it can re-assume its natural role to protect the physical body and to prevent further harm. To conclude:

PTSD is the signal of the energy body, to alarm all other systems that the energy body has been invaded. Action needs to be taken to heal the energy body, to strengthen it again so it can re-assume its natural role to protect the whole body and to prevent further harm to the whole system.


What is the unique advantage of energy therapy?


Energy therapy does not desensitize you to suppress your feelings. On the contrary, once the traumatic event and its symptoms have been transmuted through an energetic shift in a very gentle fashion, without having to relive the trauma, you will rediscover the richness of your inner self. The Universal Vibrational Therapy TM is the energy therapy which offers you in-depth healing of any emotional trauma which caused your symptoms of post-combat stress. I created it in 1992 to heal my own war trauma. It has withstood the test of time. I have been trauma-free for over twenty years now. The Universal Vibrational Therapy TM has become the foundation of “Healing PTSD Trauma”. which I have developed with you, Veterans, in mind so you can listen to my CD set and experience the energetic shift of having the roots of your emotional trauma transmuted in the privacy of your home. Any secondary symptoms like depression are transmuted as well. Once your energetic health is restored, you want to maintain it through a brief daily routine to fight off any new invasive energies, which easily bombard each and every one in chaotic times.

Will you assume the responsibility for your trauma treatment and conquer your PTSD through the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM? You will be free to rediscover your inner self, create a rich life and follow your dreams and visions.

I would like to emphasize that the CDset is not only for veterans returning from the battlefield, but also for civilians either diagnosed with PTSD or any other trauma, e.g. mobbing, i.e. harassment at the workplace/school, invasive surgeries, sexual assault, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, to name a few.

The CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy” is based on the energetic shift of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM to transmute the energies of any present or prior emotional trauma, the cause of your post-combat stress. While listening to the CD, your natural resilience will re-emerge, clarity of thought will be restored. Shame and guilt will be transmuted , as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Success Strategies will encourage you to develop a certain expertise about your own energy body. Guidelines on how to erase old unwanted behavior patterns are included. “Restabilize Your Energy” serves as a reminder to maintain your energy field at all times in prime condition. The CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy” will empower you to fulfill your dreams and visions.

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Possible DNA Test for Soldiers?

“Healing PTSD Trauma” Resolves Your PTSD

It heals Emotional Trauma, Present and Past,

Through Universal Vibrational Therapy TM

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD fulfills your most secret dream to become symptom free of PTSD without having to go through the emotional pain once again.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is easy, gentle, painfree. It does not demand that you expose your innermost thoughts, your soul. You select the time when you want to listen to the CD. Once may be enough or you may want to listen again for reinforcement, just to be on the safe side. Allow yourself to be inspired by the Success Strategies. They suggest to reshape behaviors which you may have wanted to outgrow years ago. The Companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” is where you will be held accountable–to yourself. This is your reminder to maintain a healthy energy body. It is just a little, fast, yet crucially important routine to safeguard that, energywise, you will not attract old energies back or create a loophole for new intrusive energies to invade you.

I’ll tell you more about my “Healing PTSD Trauma” further down. First, let me fill you in about a proposal submitted to the DoD in December 2010.

Soldier, would you like it if your DNA were to be tested and used in your assessment at all stages of your military career? That’s what a private consulting group named JASON highly recommends to the DoD. They would love to get their hands on this contract to conduct a mass genetic analysis of the military.

It would not only bring good money, but such a mass genetic analysis is only possible in the military, since DNA testing of employees was banned in the private sector. JASON even promised DoD to include certain traits and talents which the military may be looking for. They do admit that their understanding of linking genotypes and phenotypes (genetics with human characteristics and environmental influences) is limited and that such a large data base like the military would present its own challenges. In other words, they are not sure whether they can deliver what they promise.

In 2004 a poll showed that 92% of Americans were against allowing employers access to genetic test results.That survey was conducted by John Hopkins Genetics and Public Policy Center. Furthermore, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was passed by Congress in 2008. It bans employers and health insurance companies from using their employees genetic data. Members of the military were not included.  From then on, GINA has been considered proof that nobody in this country should be discriminated against based on genetic code. It would violate the norms of our society.

One could argue that the military has already been using tiny portions of the genetic code to identify body parts of fallen soldiers and later on, included criminal investigations. Such a tiny portion of the genetic code cannot be compared to analyzing the entire genetic code of members of the military. Presently, the military holds 3.2 million samples for identification purposes.

ACLU suggested that, if the Pentagon would want to research soldiers’ genetic codes, it ought to undertake this research within the same scientific parameters and protocols like the ones civilian scientists are subject to. These protocols would need to guarantee the same meaningful informed consent, institutional review boards and the usually accepted norms of human-subject research, and only then, should it be allowed to carry out this kind of research.

There is no legitimate reason why the military should be allowed to deviate from the rules of society established by Congress.

To analyze limited portions of the genetic code for medical reasons to rule out certain progressive diseases, e.g. Huntingdon’s Disease is useful. To analyze a whole genetic code on a mass scale is a scientist’s dream, even though as we have learned meanwhile, the DNA is not stagnant, but is apt to change just as the brain changes itself.
It implies that interpretations of the whole genetic code, its genotype and its phenotype, might not be able to give the information originally contracted for. There might be dozens of features far too ambitious to be included in any DNA assessment. DNA vulnerability to PTSD belongs to them.
This idea brings me back to wanting to tell you about my “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD. My “Healing PTSD Trauma” resolves any emotional trauma and the accompanying symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). It does not matter whether your trauma occurred recently, last month, last year, a decade ago or even earlier than that. Interwoven in your present trauma may be a childhood trauma. You rmay not even be aware of it. Depending on your ancestors’ lives, deep inside you, may be the roots of traumas your forefathers experienced. Have you wondered what kinds of lives your forefathers may have had and whether they left an imprint in you? Any kind of trauma of this nature would be referred to as transgenerational trauma. It has not been classified as a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. I find it reassuring that “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD will resolve these emotional traumas and the symptoms of PTSD associated with it.

Just in case you are not quite familiar with the symptoms of PTSD let me briefly list them:  insomnia, nightmares, hyperarousal, hypervigilance, panic attacks, startled behavior, detachment, irritability, detachment, numbed feelings, uncontrollable rage, depression, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts. All your symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) will be resolved through “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is rooted in the diagnostic/treatment methods of psychotherapy and then uses the benefits of vibrational therapy to transmute the symptoms of PTSD. A war trauma survivor, Christel B. D’Agostino, created the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ to resolve her own war trauma. She has been symptom-free for approximately twenty years. You can be free of PTSD, too.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD will transmute your symptoms of PTSD. You will find yourself again, feel loving once again, and feel no longer alienated from friends and family. The companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” will remind you to maintain healthy energy.Success Strategies will inspire you to live out your dreams, to become your very best for yourself and the world around you.

Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is everything you have been looking for.

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Heal Your Energy from PTSD

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ Resolves Your Trauma

It Heals Your Heart, Mind and

The Integrity of Your Soul

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Where there is a will, there is a way: ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ releases your symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and of your emotional trauma through the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™.

I was inspired to create this psychotherapeutic method to heal my own war trauma. Now it is here for you to heal your post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and war trauma. The foundation for this therapy is based on the traditional diagnostic model and then takes full advantage of accelerated vibrational energy to transmute the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and trauma in a gentle, safe way. Once the emotional frequencies are balanced, equilibrium in your body will be restored.

You may be aware that the energy therapies share one common denominator: substantially reduced length of treatment. Among them the most publicly known one certainly is: Gary Craig’s tapping EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). He was driven by the desire to find the shortest kind of therapy possible. Before his retirement, a pioneer in his own right, Gary Craig envisioned that future energy therapies would advance even more than his EFT. There are many energy healers that continue to work in the privacy of their own office. I respect all of them highly. Maybe, some of them are already using energy therapies of the future. It will be up to you to decide whether for you my Universal Vibrational Therapy TM is a therapy of the future or whether you will want to benefit from its advantages already now.

Through cognitive-behavioral therapy you learn to recognize and change behavior patterns. Through energy therapy you become attuned to your own energies, those of other people, and of your environment. With practice it will become ingrained in you to clear, rebalance, strengthen your energy field, as often as is needed, depending on what is happening around you and within you. This will be your responsibility. This is how you will protect yourself from calling old traumas back into your energy body or attracting new ones.

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is a three-pronged approach. 1) Healing the symptoms of PTSD and any emotional trauma through an energetic shift 2) Restabilizing your energy 3) Success Strategies.

Depending on your individual situation you may only need to listen to the CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ once. Others may want to listen again for reinforcement. The Success Strategies are on the same CD. Like a motivational coaching program, the Success Strategies inspire you to transform self-defeating behavior patterns into self-empowering attitudes that have their rightful place in your new life. The second CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy’ serves as your reminder to maintain your healthy energy.

You may also want to consider a physical detox to clear out any toxic chemicals and metals.

Remember: where there is a will, there is a way! ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is there for you and will heal your heart, mind and the integrity of your soul.

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Caregivers Select ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’

Your Perfect Solution ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’

Heals Any Present & Past Emotional Trauma

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is unique.

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Caregivers, veterans, and all you other unsung heroes, your perfect solution is ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’. It heals emotional trauma, present or past in an accelerated fashion in the privacy of your home. No waiting in line for an appointment to see your or your patient’s PTSD counselor or traveling to the treatment place.

‘Healing PTSD trauma‘  does not only heal present PTSD symptoms which were formed during life-threatening traumas recently, but also those traumas which occurred in prior years or even those traumas which happened in childhood. Symptoms of PTSD may have formed during combat, natural or man-made disasters, like tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, fire, accidents of any kind, violent physical or emotional abuse, viz. sexual assault, rape, or criminal acts.

Birth trauma and trauma in the womb are also included as possible sources of trauma and PTSD, since physicians believed erroneously for many decades that newly born babies and fetuses were not able to feel the pain of needles or surgeries. Finally, physicians realized that it only appeared as if the newly born child and fetus could not feel pain since they were usually drugged by the injections given to their mothers, for example to facilitate an easier birth. This kind of trauma is experienced by the infant as assault on its life.

There is also another kind of trauma and source of PTSD which has hardly been mentioned in main stream society. It is the trauma of war and its symptoms of PTSD which has been passed on in many different forms from one generation to the next in military families. The same could be said for families which may not only inherit the genetic but also the emotional imprint of certain illnesses. I am referring to transgenerational trauma.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ has been created to heal any kind of emotional trauma through an energetic shift, no matter when it happened and how many mild or extremely complex trauma accumulated in one human body.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ heals your symptoms of PTSD and emotional trauma. Symptoms include waking up screaming from nightmares, believing to be back at the trauma scene, experiencing flashbacks during the day, walking around hypvervigilant, ready to defend yourself any second when noises startle you or smells remind you of combat. You may experience insomnia, feel distant from your family and friends, feel depressed, mourn the loss of buddies, feel guilty of your deeds or, maybe, even feel guilty of being alive. You may become suicidal.

‘Healing PTSD trauma‘ will resolve your symptoms in one sitting. It is not magic. It is the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ which I created to heal my own war trauma after the other treatment methods did not fulfill my requirements. It was in 1992. Now I am offering you the therapy which has worked for me on CD.

Caregivers, veterans, and all you other unsung heroes, ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is your best solution to healing your symptoms of PTSD and trauma, ‘Success Strategies‘ will inspire and support and ‘Restabilize Your Energy‘ will ensure you maintain a healthy energy body.

By Christel D • • 9:10 PM

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’-Heal Your PTSD Now

Heal Your PTSD &Trauma

Restore Your Healthy Energy Field, the Integrity of Your Soul, Heart & Mind

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will resolve your symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and any of your emotional traumas.

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will heal your trauma, whether it has occurred recently or years ago. It does not matter whether your trauma happened yesterday, a decade or two ago, in your childhood, during your birth or in the womb. You might have ‘inherited’ your PTSD from your forefathers who passed the energetic imprint on to you.

You might also have experienced not only one, but quite a few life-threatening, traumatic events during your life time. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will heal them.

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will heal your emotional trauma regardless how they occurred. Your trauma may have been caused by combat, by nature or a man-made disaster, sexual abuse, rape, physical or emotional violence, or physical illness. The trauma may be mild or severe. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ will safely and gently transmute the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) through an energetic shift and restore your sense of self and identity.

Since the harmful energies of the trauma originally disrupt the energy field of the person, and only then proceed to violate the cellular body, the nervous system, the amygdala, it is easiest and most effective to restore a healthy energy field which, in turn, will restore the emotional body, the integrity of the soul, heart and mind. Once the nervous system has calmed down, the cellular body will welcome the healthy vibrations.

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ transmutes the energies of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) through an energetic shift. To mention just a few of the symptoms: insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, hyperarousal, sensitivity to noises and smells, anxiety and panic attacks, numbness, detachment, grief, guilt, depression, loss of sense of self and reason to live. There is hope. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will restore the belief in yourself and your choices in life.

The author created the Universal Vibrational Therapy™  in 1992 to heal her own war trauma. Her method has withstood the test of time and many of her clients have benefited from it in the privacy of her office. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is a distilled version and will heal your PTSD and trauma too. The Companion CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy” will reinforce your healthy energy field. ‘Success Strategies’ motivate and inspire to fulfill your dreams.

Find yourself again and much, much more through ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD.

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‘Healing PTSD Trauma’-Your Best Method to Heal

Heal Your PTSD & Your Emotional Trauma

No Matter When and How It Occurred

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Once you select ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ as your best treatment choice, you are certain that not only your present post-traumatic stress (PTSD) will be healed but all the other traumas which may be camouflaged behind your present trauma.

‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ transmutes any emotional trauma and PTSD symptoms from present and past traumatic events. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is all-inclusive. It heals your present trauma first, and then moves back in time to earlier adult years, then heals any teenage and childhood trauma, birth trauma, trauma in the womb and PTSD which you may have inherited through the blueprint of your ancestors. I am referring to transgenerational and intergenerational trauma. It is reassuring to know that ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ heals all your traumas, no matter when they occurred.

The energetic shift of the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ of ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ transmutes your symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Other therapies exclude certain symptoms.

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ heals all symptoms of PTSD.

I want to reassure you that you will be symptom-free through this fast-paced method.

For years the notion of PTSD had been reserved to mental health practitioners and their patients. The general population has only come to understand more recently that PTSD is caused by the trauma of war and natural or man-made disasters.

However, the concept that a debilitating physical condition can lead to PTSD is rather new to the general public and to many health professionals as well. Research has been conducted with patients of Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory intestinal tract disease. Test results have proven the point that a debilitating physical condition may traumatize patients so severely that they develop PTSD.

For too many decades, too many patients with all kinds of illnesses have felt completely misunderstood by their physicians, medical staff and families. Their physicians were amiss to connect their state of mind to their medical condition. All too often patients, especially women, were considered ‘hysterical’ and not taken seriously.

To validate through research that surgeries, certain treatments for debilitating diseases and the nature of the disease itself can cause PTSD is a big step forward. It may also point to the necessity that we revise our scales for human tolerance and stress levels to accommodate post-traumatic stress (PTSD) in some ingenuous way.

To turn the table, the Civil War medical records have documented that a soldier’s heart (PTSD) may be the cause for later physical illnesses like hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke, and many other debilitating physical conditions, etc.

PTSD as a result of war trauma, natural and man-made disasters has reached public awareness.
PTSD as a result of physical trauma i.e. debilitating illness, treatment, surgery of any kind, still needs to become public knowledge. It will enable families to become better informed caretakers of their loved ones.

You, veterans, unsung heroes, caretakers, sufferers of PTSD, may you know that ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ will transmute all your symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) from present and past trauma. Your symptoms may include panic attacks, free-floating anxiety, sleep disorders, flash backs during the day or night, uncontrollable outbursts of anger and rage, hypervigilance, depression, supersensitive to certain noises and smells, depression, thoughts of suicide, detachment, numbing of feelings…

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ on CD will transmute your symptoms of PTSD of present and past traumas through the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM which I had created to resolve my own war trauma. I have been trauma-free for nearly twenty years now. So will you, after you have listened to my CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ and have learned how to keep your energy body healthy through my companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy”. Success Strategies are included to support and inspire you in your daily life, to pursue your dreams, to fulfill your visions.

I want to reassure you once again that ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ is your best method to heal your PTSD!

By Christel D • • 9:21 PM
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