Conquer Your PTSD/MST

Heal Your Invisible Wound 

Regain a High-Spirited Outlook on Life

By Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Imagine there is a way to transmute your post-combat stress (PTSD/MST)  and to regain a high-spirited outlook on life. Instead of feeling like a victim with low self-worth you’d transform yourself into a survivor with love in your heart. My “Healing PTSD Trauma” method will restore your peace of mind in quantum speed.


First, let’s have a look at the Possible Causes of Post-Combat

Stress. There are quite a few variables which are significant enough to cause or contribute to Post-Combat Stress (PTSD).

As has been shown through history each war has produced its own version of battle fatigue (PTSD). Different reasons may account for it and need to be considered seriously:


Country, climate, culture.


During any war the landscape, climate and culture of the country of deployment  significantly impacts the degree of extreme hardship which is imposed upon psyche and physical body. Then, there are the toxic energies of air pollution, the unbearable stench from human and animal feces, chemicals and combustible gases. The list is long. Severe lung conditions have been reported and many other physical illnesses due to the conditions in foreign countries and the toll it takes on the warriors’ body and mind.


Weaponry, Equipment.


Both have reached a degree of sophistication hardly imaginable decades ago; however, they come with a different price. Uniforms do not protect limbs. Helmets have been found to contribute to concussions (TBI)


Helmets, TBI and PTSD


Helmets were originally designed to protect against direct hits and have been worn by our troops for years. After having experienced an inordinate amount of traumatic brain injuries through the pressure waves of IED’s, it became evident  that the helmets were not able to withstand the pressure wave of an IED. (Many soldiers have changed to wearing larger helmets. Improved helmets are in the research stage.)

I wonder how WWI helmets were fitted then, and, later, in all ensuing wars.The pressure waves of the ‘shells’ might have contributed to TBI. Many veterans might have experienced unrecognized TBI with overlapping emotional trauma and symptoms of post-combat stress (PTSD) since then.

If you have been diagnosed with TBI, there is great hope. Thanks to the tremendous advances in recent brain research, it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the human brain has the capacity to mend itself, given a chance. To be inspired you may want to read the Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science in Dr. Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain that Changes Itself


 As I have already mentioned to you, my  “Healing PTSD Trauma” will allow you to  conquer your emotional trauma and your symptoms of post-combat stress (PTSD) in a very gentle, safe, accelerated fashion. It is the easy way to regain yourself.

However, let me continue in what might possibly contribute to PTSD:


The powerful Drug Cocktails of Prescribed Medication   


We live in a society where taking medication for all kinds of conditions has become the norm. Unfortunately, pills may have side effects. If the patient takes too many or takes them too long, the physical body is bound to pay a heavy price. Physicians emphasize that we need to endure possible side effects in order to benefit from the medication itself. They also emphasize that allergic reactions are to be taken very seriously—they could be lethal.

As far as prescribed medication is concerned, the Pentagon has followed the lead of the civilian physicians and psychiatrists. Big pharma supplies the medication with the assurance that the pills are safe. According to toxicologists drug cocktails are known to have caused deaths, suicides, not only in civilians but also in warriors.

It has also been established that certain medications may elicit symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD).


Prolonged Deployments, Shortened Dwell Times, Numerous Deployments 
have contributed to the war trauma and post-combat stress of our war heroes. 


The following List of  Trauma applies to everybody:


Present and past trauma, single or multiple events

Childhood trauma (emotional/physical/sexual).

Birth trauma, pre-natal, post-natal trauma (newly born &/or mom)

Invasive surgeries of any kind

Bullying, sexual assault/violence

Natural Causes: tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods

Accidents: car, bicycle, airplane crash, sports, etc.

Criminal violence, including rape, fire, terrorist attacks and other man-made disasters. multi-generational trauma, Caregiver’s trauma.


What are the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)?


According to the American Psychiatric Association the most prevalent symptoms of PTSD are:

Recurrent re-experiencing the trauma, flashbacks, nightmares, dissociative reliving. Avoiding places, people, experiences that might trigger flashbacks, fear of losing control, e.g. noises, smells, touch, movement, crowded streets, TV, etc. Hyperarousal, hypervigilance, insomnia, outbursts of rage, blackouts, poor concentration, panic attacks, feelings of powerlessness, depression, shame. Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Survivor guilt, revenge fantasies. Guilt of having killed innocent lives, negative self-image, loss of purpose and meaning, suicidal ideation.

Significant conflicts with family, at work, other social settings

Symptoms may last longer than one month, even years.

There are physical consequences, if an excess level of stress continues over a prolonged period of time.


How can harmful energies be transmuted into healthy vibrations on a grand scale?


The answer is simple: through my “Healing PTSD Trauma”

Considering the high demand, treatment methods had to be shortened as much as possible, especially at the VA, and patients are usually discharged after treatment ( i.e. cognitive-behavioral therapy, and different blends of exposure therapies, desensitization techniques, , resilience training) with prescribed medication (instead of dealing with the deep-seated subconscious imprints of the psyche). My “Healing PTSD Trauma” CD set will release the core issues vibrationally and replace the low-level frequencies of trauma, guilt, shame, despair with high-level frequencies of joy, love, harmony and inner peace.  


I have developed my “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD especially for you.  Listening to the CD in the privacy of your own home, your symptoms of PTSD and your emotional trauma will be transmuted energetically and the rest of your body will benefit too. A companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” is included as a reinforcement for the brief, daily routine which is meant as a reminder to transmute the daily influx of unhealthy energy into life-enhancing vibrations for a great overall feeling of wellness.


The CD “Healing PTSD Trauma” and the Companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy”  are the perfect method  to conquer your post-combat stress (PTSD) and  to restore your energetic balance; once again, you will be empowered to pursue your dreams.


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A few words about the theories which support the creation of the

Universal Vibrational TherapyTM , the foundation of  “Healing PTSD Trauma”


Albert Einstein established that “Everything is Energy” and that “Energy comes first, then comes Matter. He overhauled Newton’s theory which stated the opposite. Since Einstein’s scientific discoveries, our world has catapulted with quantum speed into the digital age. It does not necessarily imply that we, as a human species, have become wiser, only that we move faster through life, equipped with cell phone and laptop.



The Energies of War

The energies of war invade the energy field first and then alert the other bodies energetically. For this reason, the energy field and energy body need to be healed first.

The energies of the battlemind, firmly engrained in the psyche, are to carry you, the warrior through many battles. The enemy unleashes hateful energy with the goal to destroy. Destructive energies clash.

After the battle these energies need to be transmuted and replaced by vibrant, healthy energies. My “Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy” will help you to accomplish this goal.


About the Art of Restoring a Warrior’s Psyche After War

Unfortunately, the art of restoring a warrior’s psyche after return from the battle field has been lost from Western mass consciousness but is described in the traditions of certain tribes. As strange as it may seem to you, these people restored their warriors’ emotional fitness through cleansing the cellular body through a variety of rituals which all point in the direction of releasing harmful energies.

The use of the sweat lodge by American Indians may be known to you. The high temperature in the sweat lodge does not only release unhealthy energies from the cellular body but also poisonous toxins.

I have come across an article which described in minute detail a post-war cleansing ritual which has been practiced in Mozambique after the civil war in 1994. This ritual does not only address healing the warrior’s psyche but also restoring a healthy body through herbal detoxifying baths.   

My “Healing PTSD Trauma” will heal your emotional trauma and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) vibrationally.


I am aware how difficult it is for you to adjust to being home again after deployment, without your Band of Brothers. I want to encourage you to give yourself a chance to resolve your emotional trauma and any symptoms of PTSD through my “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD, as well as to learn to “Restabilize Your Energy” to maintain a vibrantly healthy energy body and to be inspired by  the self-empowering Success Strategies.

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