How to Resolve Childhood Trauma,

Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse,

Ancestral Trauma, Natal Care


Survivors of childhood trauma, this page is for you. I know how it feels. I had lived with nightmares for years. Since I had been born into a severely traumatized world, it had become societal norm to live with symptoms of trauma. I have healed myself and so can you. I have created a fast-paced method so it won’t take you years to pursue your dreams. You only need to listen to my “Healing PTSD Trauma” CD set to resolve your trauma. Once you are free, how will you design your life? What comes to mind?

There has been a lot of research about the ancestral blueprint. Allow me to briefly explain:

Ancestral Trauma

Can you imagine that this blueprint in your DNA reaches six generations deep? Did your family know anything about their ancestors that far back? Mine certainly did not. To be frank, even if they had, they might not have put together the pieces of the puzzle. Certain sayings about life had been passed down, apparently from generation to generation. It happened in your family too. These sayings had morphed into beliefs about life. You came to believe in them–without being aware. So here you are with a belief system that is outdated in today’s culture and chaotic times. Are you ready to adapt it to today’s requirements? I’ll be there for you.

Prenatal Care

In civilized societies, preparing for the birth of a new member in the family has lost much of its original spontaneity and know-how transmitted from one generation to the next. Parents-to-be learn to consult their physicians, how-to-books and advice on the internet. The growing fetus picks up the mother’s signals of inner or outer war and chaotic times without fail. The stage for later trauma might be set.


I only want to mention briefly that there is a strict protocol about prenatal, natal and post-natal care–predominantly to avoid malpractice suits. The first out-of-the-womb trauma is awaiting the baby. Natural child birth or water birth might ascertain a more loving welcome to this world.

Mothers might also feel that their bodies were less violated by foreign objects and people.

Years as infant and toddler till age six

Since birth you have been using all your senses to learn about the world around you. Your antennas are up to intuitively learn from your parents and your surroundings how to survive in your totally helpless state. You learn to smile to please, to cry to express that your needs are not being met, and the complete tricks of non-verbal language which infants use to communicate. In the toddler stage, you’ve already learned to go by the cues of your surroundings. If you are lucky, you may get solace from watching Sesame Street or have a loving teacher in kindergarten. You may have experienced violence between your parents and the adults around you. You may not have been spared emotional, physical violence and sexual assault. You may have been exposed to alcohol or drug addiction. Who is going to rescue you? You wish you were already dead.

Kudos for you, the adult! You have been hanging in there. In your heart of heart’s you know you are ready to let go of the emotional pain, the sorrow, the traumatic fears and anxieties which have had their grip on you. I’ve been waiting for you, to guide you, to show you the way to your new life. Your deep seated inner conflicts will be resolved while you indulge yourself  by listening to my CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma”. You’ll learn how to dissolve environmental chaotic energies. You will also become self-reliant knowing how to recalibrate your energy and feelings through “Restabilize Your Energy”. You’ll become the master of your life ready to pursue your heart’s desires and dreams. Take action now – treat yourself to a new start!




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