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In this category you’ll read about different medical treatments which the body interprets as invasive trauma. You also become aware why your body might rebel against this invasion and why your emotional trauma with its symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) may set in.

Why would the cellular body protest against medical procedures which are intended to improve your well-being? It goes back to your built-in survival mechanism: the reptilian brain which only knows ‘flight or fight’. In this scenario your reptilian brain reacts to the ‘fight’ response.

It explains why your cellular body will fight medical treatment as unwanted invasive trauma. This subconscious message is vibrationally transmitted to your brain which carries out the request to fight the foreign invader. This explains why after an organ transplant, immunosuppressant drugs are prescribed to prevent a rejection of the new organ by your vibrational energy system.

To emphasize: the vibrational energy system is your life force. In a hospital setting, it may become painfully obvious that the digital monitoring screens are measuring how well a patient is doing. When the green signal on the screen stops abruptly, life has come to an end.

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Anesthesia is used for surgeries to minimize the pain during the procedure. The exact dosage depends on your health condition, duration of surgery, etc.

Selecting the appropriate dosage may be considered an art. Despite utmost diligence of all professionals involved, unintended side effects do occur. At times, anesthetic gas energy may remain trapped in your physical body. For example, your senses may pick up the smell of gas, and you believe the gas stove leaks, while it is not. It’s anesthetic gas energy being released from your cellular body.

While the anesthesia is stored in your body, pain may be relieved. Certain parts and functions of your body have been frozen. If this condition has been selected on purpose, it may have been the only solution known at this point. I am referring to the Stellate Ganglion injections.

Once the anesthesia wears off, your vibrational energy system will have a chance to recalibrate itself. In medical circles the word has gotten around, that anesthesia may cause your emotional trauma. Referral to a counselor has become more widely accepted. In this respect “Healing PTSD Trauma” by the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM fits the bill perfectly well. It will not only resolve your trauma but at the same time, strengthen your vibrational energy system through a brief daily regime.


Surgeons have perfected the art of stitching wounds together after combat, accidents, disasters and have saved many lives through their expertise. However, you still need to bear in mind that your body may have a strong reaction: first to your accident, then to your operation, since it interprets both traumatic incidents as a serious hostile violation of its physical boundaries. Prescribed pain medication will hopefully calm your nervous system for you to recuperate well enough to regain some of your vibrational energies. After amputations phantom pain may occur. Brilliant minds have developed ways to help you cope with it.
Once again be on the alert that, while your body is getting accustomed to the changes in your body, you want to strengthen your energetic supplies to safeguard that emotional trauma like post-traumatic stress will not be able to undermine your fighting spirit to create a good life for yourself.

Over the years Western surgeons have acquired astounding expertise in different kinds of surgeries to rescue organs, e.g. heart, arteries, liver, kidneys, etc. while the Eastern healing methods have been relying on acupuncture, healing herbs to detox or strengthen organs, etc.

As mentioned above, after completed surgeries, Western surgeons routinely rely on medication to alleviate discomfort after surgery, to protect your organ from malfunctioning and to stabilize you.

Not too long ago, the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder has reached the mainstream of physicians. It has helped them to connect your emotional upset after traumatic surgery to PTSD instead of diagnosing you as ‘hysterical’. If you are a female, you may have sighed with relief and attended counseling sessions with a new sense of self-esteem.

Please note that brain test results have shown that once medication is given, you are unable to switch your brain function from ‘weakened condition’ to ‘vibrant life’. Medication fulfills its purpose for short-term relief. There may come a point when side-effects outweigh benefits. While it is your obligation to be informed about your options, you want to select the solution that best suits you in consultation with your physician.

Recovering your vibrational energetic strength means that your body is on its way to recalibrate itself after emotional and physical trauma.


Allow me to use cancer as an example. Alternative treatment methods to heal cancer have increased in Europe and Asia, while in the U.S. traditional treatment has remained the same, i.e. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Statistics of patients who have opted for alternative treatment methods, like radical change of diets, etc. do not seem to exist. It is noteworthy that as adjunct to traditional treatment, acupuncture, Reiki and other body work have been introduced in hospital settings.

As far as vibrational medicine as a healing modality by itself is concerned, please note that many celebrities have been healed by excellent energy healers worldwide.

Allow me to draw your attention to one absolutely miraculous example to erase any of your doubts about the awesome, innate, vibrational healing ability of your intricately complex physical body.

On YouTube you can watch a three-minute healing of bladder cancer in the Medicineless Hospital in the city of Qinhuaungo, China. On the computer screen you witness a patient’s tumor shrink in size, while three practitioners stand in front of the patient and chant ‘already healed’. After three minutes the patient’s tumor has completely dissolved. What an awesome testimony of the miraculous healing ability of your human body!


Whenever I come across statistics about medical oversights and trauma , I promise myself that I will not become a statistic. Aside from a healthy life style, I ensure that my life-enhancing vibrational energies remain strong through my Universal Vibrational Therapy TM and my “Restabilize Your Energy”, the companion CD of “Healing PTSD Trauma”. You would greatly benefit from it too.

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