‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is Your PTSD Therapy

It is Your Safe Answer to Heal PTSD and Trauma.

It heals recent and old traumas/PTSD.

How ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ surpasses other techniques

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Healing PTSD Trauma’ has become your most reliable method to heal any of your traumas and your symptoms of PTSD.

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ has been created by the author, a psychotherapist for over thirty years, to heal her own trauma, symptoms of PTSD, through energetic shifts. Ms. D’Agostino developed a unique protocol based on her professional knowledge as a clinical social worker and hypnotherapist. She was inspired to include present and past traumas and symptoms of PTSD in her transformational method which she had trademarked as Universal Vibrational Therapy™  already in 1992. She has been free of trauma and symptoms of PTSD for about twenty years now. You can achieve the same lasting results, by listening to the CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma, in the privacy of your own home. Her method has resolved many of her clients’ traumas in the privacy of her office.

What makes ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ so unique is that it heals any trauma and symptoms of PTSD. It does not only heal your present trauma and your symptoms of PTSD which may have started recently; however, ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ will go back in time and inlcude any of your traumas and symptoms of PTSD  which have accumulated during prior years, e.g. earlier wars, motor bike or other accidents, natural disasters, fire, surgical procedures, physical violence, sexual assaults, rape, childhood trauma. ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ goes back to any possible birth trauma and even to trauma in the womb. [In 1988 the American Medical Association reported that through research, it has been proven that fetuses could feel pain while in the womb.] ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ transmutes these traumas and their symptoms of PTSD, too.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ even transmutes intergenerational or transgenerational traumas, accompanied by systems of PTSD. These are the traumas which your forefathers have experienced. You may have ‘inherited’ them energetically as part of your emotional intelligence to alert you when situations may potentially be harmful to you and your loved ones.

These are the benefits you will derive from listening to ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ by Universal Vibrational Therapy™ on CD, viz. any of your traumas and symptoms of PTSD will be transmuted vibrationally. It includes present traumas and traumas of old. It is an accelerated method, distilled through the experience of my twenty years of working with it. It has withstood the test of time. It will continue to do so, once you learn how to maintain a ‘healthy’ energy field. It is on the Companion CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy’. Success Strategies as a bonus are included for you to shed negative behavior patterns of old and replace them with self-empowered beliefs about yourself. You will be able to master your life again and pursue your dreams.

The best you can do for yourself is to order your ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ and ‘Restabilize your Energy’ CDS today.


By Christel D • •

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