‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ – Your Fast-Paced Solution

Unique Accelerated Emotional Trauma Healing

Transmutes Present and Past Trauma/PTSD

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, L-CSWR, CtH

Healing PTSD Trauma‘ transmutes your symptoms of trauma/PTSD

Your post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSD) may wake you up screaming at night because of your nightmares. You may believe you are back in combat and mistake your spouse for the enemy.  Flashbacks of trauma may also occur during day-time.These symptoms of PTSD may be triggered by sudden noises, smells, mannerisms of people. You may become hypervigilant, with this adrenaline rush that thirsts for action. You may be experiencing outbursts of anger, where you can no longer control yourself and get involved in unintended conflict situations. Your anxiety may escalate to panic attacks. You may be plagued by guilt of having taken lives during combat. You may wish you had died rather than your buddy. You may get so depressed that you think of doing away with yourself, while all along you may pretend you are just fine.

It is time for you to consider your options. There is hope for your PTSD. You do not have to be stuck with it. Your PTSD can be healed. Give yourself a chance. Restart your life.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is your fast-paced solution to conquer your PTSD. Do not hesitate. Take action.

I have resolved my own war trauma by creating the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM in 1992. I have been symptom free for nearly twenty years. The energetic shift transmuted the painful energies of the emotions; while it neutralized the memories. I felt like new again. So can you.
You can heal from all symptoms of PTSD and trauma in record time and remain symptom free. I will teach you how to in the Companion CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy‘.

My ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is the only therapy which is able to heal present and past trauma together in an accelerated and very thorough fashion. Let me give you the time line for the traumas that are waiting to be healed:

Your PTSD may be the result of a present complex trauma. It may have occurred during combat or as a result of a car crash or another accident, surgery, fire, criminal acts, violence, sexual harassment, rape.

Not only present complex trauma can be resolved but also trauma going back to childhood. You may or may not remember what happened to you then. Symptoms of PTSD have also been traced to birth trauma.

Research has established that a fetus experiences any surgical intervention as traumatic. Healing this kind of PTSD is included for good measure.

It is also important to include trauma which may have been passed down from generation to generation, i.e. the transgenerational trauma. If not recognized, it will linger on. You may believe you healed your PTSD completely, while in reality you are still holding on to your forefathers’ traumatic legacy. This hold on you may be more powerful than you want to admit even to yourself. So it is time to let it go.

Allow me to sum up: ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD will transmute the energies of PTSD through the energetic shifts of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. You may need to listen to the CD only once, or you may listen to it again for reinforcement depending on your individual situation.
As a bonus I included Success Strategies on the CD to inspire and support your mastering your life, your relationships, your career better than before. The short Companion Cd ‘Restabilize Your Energy‘ will give you the chance to listen to the daily routine until you know it by heart. It will empower you to maintain a healthy energy body to fight off any new trauma energies.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ is the perfect solution to heal any number of traumas and PTSD symptoms regardless of whether they come from present or past traumas, simple or complex traumas, what caused them and how many traumas have been hovering in your energy field.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is your fast paced, gentle, and safe solution.

By Christel D • •

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