Healing Trauma of Violence
After Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse
Through Vibrant Life Energy

Trauma touches your life on a daily basis. There is no escape from it. While the world is in turmoil, you are affected too. Stress builds up. Since you are first and foremost a vibrational being, a strong energetic vibrational system is essential to sustain your life force in excellent shape.

Meanwhile, the violence around you has pulled you in. You have been emotionally, physically and sexually abused. Your world has fallen apart. It is the most devastating experience of your whole life. Then, you learn that you exhibit the known symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD), panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia, rage, depression, etc.

Consider these symptoms your alarm signal from your subconscious to your conscious mind. They urge you to take action and free your whole system from the intrusive forces which have invaded your body.

How are you going to accomplish this obligation to yourself? It means to recalibrate your energy. Only then, your whole system will return to its prior method of functioning. Your emotions will feel a great relief and in a chain reaction your neural pathways, your brain and your cellular memory will calm down. Healing has occurred. Your all-important vibrational life force has been restored and you are ready to restart your life on your chosen path with joy and love.

There is no need to search any further. The Universal Vibrational Therapy TM will resolve your trauma in quantum speed. The CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma” releases your symptoms of post traumatic stress. It transmutes your present trauma and any prior trauma which may have occurred during your adult years, childhood, birth, and even ancestral trauma. You may want to listen to it a few times or as often as is necessary to feel resolved. You’ll know when you feel lighter that your heavy burden has been lifted. The CD “Restabilize Your Energy” serves as reminder to sustain your vibrant energy body through a brief daily regime. This way you will continue to enjoy your inner freedom, love, and your joyful, gratifying life.

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