Healing Traumatic Stress – A Lasting Remedy

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Many techniques are useful to rebalance our bodies to a relaxed state of mind: a walk in the park, a physical workout, dancing, fishing, sports, painting, music, meditation, chanting, literature, enough sleep, a healthful diet, humor and laughter.

Once our daily stress exceeds what is considered “normal” for our Western life-style of the 21st century, we may experience traumatic stress. It will exact a toll on our physical body, the price far too high.

We are facing a dilemma. How can we abandon our life-style? Our livelihood depends on it, yet we endanger our physical health.

For all of you that are concerned about your health, listening to my CD “Healing PTSD Trauma” will offer you a most comprehensive, lasting remedy for traumatic stress.

To Your Health!

By Christel D • •

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