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War Trauma Survivor, Trauma Expert

“Energy is Everything.”
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)
“Energy is the Foundation of all Life.”
Randolph Stone (1890-1981)


 ENERGY- Vibration of Life

 Rebalancing Energy Means Healing

Trauma, Heart and Mind

The ‘How to Heal Trauma‘ Section of the “Healing PTSD Trauma” website is a work in progress. It will describe major traumas  which may occur during one’s life-time. 

My perspective supports the “Vibration of Life”. My own experience and extensive research have convinced me that disciplined healing through energy surpasses other methods. Astounding results have been achieved. Once disruptive energies are replaced by vibrant energy, it will feel like a big burden has been lifted. A life filled with love, happiness, visions and dreams is within reach.

Any healthy vibrant energy needs to be maintained, in particular with the daily influx of chaotic energies in our environment. For this reason, in addition, to my CD “Healing PTSD Trauma” which heals any emotional trauma and symptoms of PTSD, I have added the brief daily regime “Restabilize Your Energy” CD. 

Einstein’s theories initiated a quantum jump in the innovation of products which rely on energy. Air waves supply the energy frequencies to power your television, computers, cell phones, etc. to transmit information to you.

Already in 1931, Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved through his experiments that tiny electrical voltages are supporting the energetic health of each and every cell of the whole body. At the same time, these energies transmit signals throughout the whole body. Dr. Warburg’s tests proved that, once these tiny electrical voltages had weakened, the overall energetic strength of the whole body had declined. The complexity of these electrical energies within and outside of your body is difficult to imagine. This whole intricate system is referred to as the ‘energy field’.

The “Energy Field of the Human Heart” by Heartmath gives you an idea of one energy field. 

Even though you cannot see the energy field or the energy it emits, you are aware of it, you sense or feel it. To give you an example: when you enter a room filled with people, you’ll sense immediately what kind of energy is hanging in the air, whether it’s anger or happiness or any feeling in between.

Then, again you may be on a blind date and instantly form a strong dislike. Your sixth sense has revealed to you the other person’s energy. If your ego persuades you to start dating, it will be a mistake.

You may apply the same example to a combat scenario: Your sixth sense is right on, but your ego, or your commander, override your gut feelings? This sixth sense of yours carries a vibration; the thoughts of your ego have a vibrational frequency too. It may turn into a rather conflict-ridden, overly stressful situation.

The same might occur, when you are faced with an invasive surgery. Your intuition tells you ‘no’, while your analytical mind pushes you to go ahead.

A life-threatening, emotionally traumatic situation implies that your energy field is being invaded by hostile energies. In an ideal situation you would know how to transmute these energies. Your ‘Vibration of Life’ could be restored easily. Let’s hope that if trauma strikes in the future, you will be very well prepared. In the present trauma situation, you might be in shock, physically wounded, or fighting for survival. You might repress the emotional trauma deep within you. You might develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) when your energetic health is at its lowest.

It is your body’s alarm signal to alert you on a conscious level that the electronically transmitted impulses of your energy field have been severely disrupted and need to be healed.

What kind of healing is necessary for a trauma that starts out in your energy field, and then morphs into an emotional trauma to alert every other part of your body of its alarming cry for repair? 

As confirmed by science we are first and foremost energy beings.  Any healing attempts need to restore vibrant energetic health first. This is why I created the Universal Vibrational Therapy ®. It will restore your vibrant health.  Only then, the rest of the body will  calm down to restore your loving heart, clear mind and a happy soul. 

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