Might the VA Diagnose PTSD?

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Might the VA diagnose PTSD? You fear, it would ruin your military career. You don’t dare to take a chance and are left with the nagging doubt.  Now you feel even worse than before. I do understand how you feel. It does not have to be that way. You do have alternatives.

I want to suggest to you a very effective one. To listen to the CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ in the privacy of your own home. My Universal Vibrational Therapy™ will transmute the energies of trauma and post-traumatic stress. You will even learn how to build up your inner strength energetically so you could weather another deployment, if need be. Sounds too good to be true? Find out.  You’ll be glad you did. Then, you can relax about this appointment with the VA.

By Christel D • •

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