Possible DNA Test for Soldiers?

“Healing PTSD Trauma” Resolves Your PTSD

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Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD fulfills your most secret dream to become symptom free of PTSD without having to go through the emotional pain once again.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is easy, gentle, painfree. It does not demand that you expose your innermost thoughts, your soul. You select the time when you want to listen to the CD. Once may be enough or you may want to listen again for reinforcement, just to be on the safe side. Allow yourself to be inspired by the Success Strategies. They suggest to reshape behaviors which you may have wanted to outgrow years ago. The Companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” is where you will be held accountable–to yourself. This is your reminder to maintain a healthy energy body. It is just a little, fast, yet crucially important routine to safeguard that, energywise, you will not attract old energies back or create a loophole for new intrusive energies to invade you.

I’ll tell you more about my “Healing PTSD Trauma” further down. First, let me fill you in about a proposal submitted to the DoD in December 2010.

Soldier, would you like it if your DNA were to be tested and used in your assessment at all stages of your military career? That’s what a private consulting group named JASON highly recommends to the DoD. They would love to get their hands on this contract to conduct a mass genetic analysis of the military.

It would not only bring good money, but such a mass genetic analysis is only possible in the military, since DNA testing of employees was banned in the private sector. JASON even promised DoD to include certain traits and talents which the military may be looking for. They do admit that their understanding of linking genotypes and phenotypes (genetics with human characteristics and environmental influences) is limited and that such a large data base like the military would present its own challenges. In other words, they are not sure whether they can deliver what they promise.

In 2004 a poll showed that 92% of Americans were against allowing employers access to genetic test results.That survey was conducted by John Hopkins Genetics and Public Policy Center. Furthermore, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was passed by Congress in 2008. It bans employers and health insurance companies from using their employees genetic data. Members of the military were not included.  From then on, GINA has been considered proof that nobody in this country should be discriminated against based on genetic code. It would violate the norms of our society.

One could argue that the military has already been using tiny portions of the genetic code to identify body parts of fallen soldiers and later on, included criminal investigations. Such a tiny portion of the genetic code cannot be compared to analyzing the entire genetic code of members of the military. Presently, the military holds 3.2 million samples for identification purposes.

ACLU suggested that, if the Pentagon would want to research soldiers’ genetic codes, it ought to undertake this research within the same scientific parameters and protocols like the ones civilian scientists are subject to. These protocols would need to guarantee the same meaningful informed consent, institutional review boards and the usually accepted norms of human-subject research, and only then, should it be allowed to carry out this kind of research.

There is no legitimate reason why the military should be allowed to deviate from the rules of society established by Congress.

To analyze limited portions of the genetic code for medical reasons to rule out certain progressive diseases, e.g. Huntingdon’s Disease is useful. To analyze a whole genetic code on a mass scale is a scientist’s dream, even though as we have learned meanwhile, the DNA is not stagnant, but is apt to change just as the brain changes itself.
It implies that interpretations of the whole genetic code, its genotype and its phenotype, might not be able to give the information originally contracted for. There might be dozens of features far too ambitious to be included in any DNA assessment. DNA vulnerability to PTSD belongs to them.
This idea brings me back to wanting to tell you about my “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD. My “Healing PTSD Trauma” resolves any emotional trauma and the accompanying symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). It does not matter whether your trauma occurred recently, last month, last year, a decade ago or even earlier than that. Interwoven in your present trauma may be a childhood trauma. You rmay not even be aware of it. Depending on your ancestors’ lives, deep inside you, may be the roots of traumas your forefathers experienced. Have you wondered what kinds of lives your forefathers may have had and whether they left an imprint in you? Any kind of trauma of this nature would be referred to as transgenerational trauma. It has not been classified as a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. I find it reassuring that “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD will resolve these emotional traumas and the symptoms of PTSD associated with it.

Just in case you are not quite familiar with the symptoms of PTSD let me briefly list them:  insomnia, nightmares, hyperarousal, hypervigilance, panic attacks, startled behavior, detachment, irritability, detachment, numbed feelings, uncontrollable rage, depression, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts. All your symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) will be resolved through “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is rooted in the diagnostic/treatment methods of psychotherapy and then uses the benefits of vibrational therapy to transmute the symptoms of PTSD. A war trauma survivor, Christel B. D’Agostino, created the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ to resolve her own war trauma. She has been symptom-free for approximately twenty years. You can be free of PTSD, too.

“Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD will transmute your symptoms of PTSD. You will find yourself again, feel loving once again, and feel no longer alienated from friends and family. The companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” will remind you to maintain healthy energy.Success Strategies will inspire you to live out your dreams, to become your very best for yourself and the world around you.

Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD is everything you have been looking for.

By Christel D • •

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