Post-Trauma Survival Tools

How to Beat Environmental Stressors

Sustaining a Vibrant Life Force


Let’s assume you have healed your trauma through my Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. Then, you have also learned how to sustain your vibrational gains through the Companion CD of “Healing PTSD Trauma”, viz. “Restabilize Your Energy”. It is meant to reinforce your brief daily regime to recalibrate your vibrational energy to sustain your gains achieved.


-If there are too many intrusive environmental stressors and disharmonious energies, then you want to transmute these energies right away. Once again, use the method I taught you in “Restabilize Your Energy”.


-If at all possible, ignore daily news, the repetitive coverage of traumatic events, the sorry state of affairs of the economy, etc. These low-level frequencies decrease your own frequency level to feelings of despair, depression, apathy or rage.


-Eliminate from your vocabulary words that discourage you from expanding your own horizons, e.g. “I can’t” and “I don’t know”. Substitute them through words that empower you.


-Surround yourself with upbeat friends. Reach out into your community while you pursue new interests.


-Listen to music which lifts your spirits.

-Aroma therapy has been used successfully to change moods in a few seconds. A few drops of the essential oil Yasmine will lift your depression.

-Herbal or salt water baths have been used for centuries to release toxins.

-A shower may do wonders for your frame of mind.

-In the morning, look at yourself with a big smile and say to yourself repeatedly “(your name)I love you”


-Painting may relax you.

-Writing is geared to process inner wounds.


-Mindful yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong are great to transmute energies and to get  in touch with your body.

-Dancing makes you feel alive again.

-Spend as much time in nature as possible to ground yourself.

-Walking barefoot in grass or sandy beaches is excellent to restore your connection to nature.

-Take out time to observe the wonders of nature.

-Swimming in salt water is great to detoxify your body.


-Nature creates an essential counter-balance to the electro-magnetic frequency pollution (EMFs), the radioactive microwave, the synthetic ingredients of your clothing, furniture, carpet, digital equipment, etc.


-There is a saying “if you don’t take care of your body, you have no place to live”.

-The vibrational frequency of foods is crucial for continued well-being. Life foods have a considerably higher vibrational frequency than dead foods. -Neuroscientists have found that physical illnesses can be reversed by consuming certain foods, i.e. fresh green vegetables, no artificial food additives, etc and to flush out toxins through filtered water.


Concluding, I want to encourage you to be patient with yourself while you prioritize suggestions from the Post-Trauma Survival Tools. You may be familiar with some of them but not with others. You may need to acquire new skills. Consider that you are redesigning your life. Give yourself permission to have fun along the way.


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