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Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH
War Trauma Survivor, Trauma Expert

Consider your symptoms of post-combat stress (PTSD) your wakeup call to take action, to seek help. Latest research findings about CTE, a degenerative brain disease (encephalopathy), linked to TBI are alarming. More research is needed to establish the true manifestations of CTE and if it manifests itself,  how it could have been avoided. Many variables determine the degree of a head- and brain injury caused by the blast wave of an IED (improvised explosive device) or by violent hits in football.

According to Ann McKee of the Boston University School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs New England Healthcare System the degree of a concussion, e.g. a mild or moderate brain injury (TBI), can only be diagnosed with an “electron microscope, since CT’s, MRI’s don’t see it“. So if there is no electron microscope with microcurrent available, your treatment is as good as it can be under the circumstances. “Scientists have been working to develop field-deployable treatments, i.e. precisely targeted anti-inflammatory drugs and agents to reduce swelling and agents to heal leaky blood vessels” according to Lee Goldstein, an Alzheimer’s researcher and co-leader of the study about CTE. [1] Among the symptoms of CTE are loss of judgment and memory, and dangerous rage.

Every year about 1.5 million people experience head injuries in the U.S. alone. No other medical condition has such a high number of victims. It is most widely known that many severe head injuries occur in contact sports like football, hockey, boxing.[2] The research study of the Boston University School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs New England [1] compared three groups which had experienced concussions: Four brains were from dead military veterans hit by blast waves of IEDs. Four brains were from young athletes. Then, there were the scores of mice which had been exposed to blasts, comparable to a 120mm artillery round, 17 feet away. No visible damage was seen, while only the electron microscope showed that the brains of the military looked similar to the athletes and to Alzheimer patients with CTE, and to the brains of the mice. For this reason, the team concluded that the cause of CTE linked to be TBI.

Dr. Douglas Smith, Center for Brain Injury and Repair, University of Pennsylvania, stated that caution needs to be exercised since “we have never really defined what CTE is and what the true clinical manifestations are”. It does not imply that head injuries and brain damage invariably lead to CTE. It has also not been proven that it is linked to suicide like in Junio Seau’s death. To diagnose CTE a postmortum study of the brain is required.

Dr. Douglas Smith also noted that “many who do suffer concussions lead full lives.”[3]

The researchers of the Boston University suggested that the risk of concussions might be minimized by a redesign of the helmets. They had found that, heads still, mice were perfectly fine after the blast wave. [1] You may know that military and private sectors have been working on improving helmets for quite some time. It reminded me of the lab tests of Dr. Douglas Smith and Dr. Shu Yang. The team has been working on special photonic crystals which would change colors on top of the soldiers’ helmets to indicate blast intensity. Shu Yang had expressed it might take them quite a few years to come out with their “butter-fly inspired patch to alert soldiers to brain injury”.[4]

Regarding effective treatment I have come across an article of special interest: Dr. George B. Roth writes about: “The Relationship between Head Injury and Brain Injury, New Treatment Options Provide Hope for Recovery”[3] He states that despite the enormous insights into the effects of TBI, all researchers agree that medicine has little to offer except guidelines for assessment and suggesting occupational training and family counseling. Dr. Roth offers hope through his Matrix Repatterning method. Dr. Roth, a chiropractor, is the founder of The Matrix Institute and Matrix Wellness Solutions in Canada. His method has been recognized by sports organizations as effective treatment in sports medicine. Clinical evidence has been suggesting that the repatterning treatment for head injury results in measurable neurological and cognitive improvement in some cases. It restores the cellular structure and flexibility of the tissue through a special kind of manual massage which rebalances the electrical properties of the body. It is the same kind of microcurrent which Ann McKee refers to and which the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM has been using to transmute the energies of emotional trauma and PTSD through an energetic shift.

Dr. Roth clearly distinguishes between manual repatterning treatment which he would consider for TBI treatment while he reserves therapy with microcurrent equipment for different conditions. Microcurrent refers to the level of microamps, 1/10,000th of an amp. It is the healthy electrical frequency our human body needs to be empowered to function at high performance. In the early 1970’s, astronauts had been treated with this microcurrent to rebalance the electrical properties of their bodies after their return from space. It has been found that any higher voltage is “foreign” to the body and blocks progress. According to Dr. Roth a gentle “whisper” to the body restores our energetic balance best.[5] You may have read in my blog “PTSD: To Conquer or to Deal with it” about Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize, 1931. He established that if the electrical frequency of body cells weakens, the physical body loses its power.[6] The new energy therapies contribute to refuel the energetic circuitry.

Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD offers you an accelerated, deep-seated solution to refuel the energetic circuitry of any emotional trauma and symptoms of post-combat stress (PTSD). It is the most thorough approach in traditional and energy therapy which I have come across. It works in record time with lasting results. You will feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders. It does not matter how many decades you have been suffering from PTSD or whether you are listening to the CDset as a preventive measure. Treat yourself to “Healing PTSD Trauma” it will transmute the energies of trauma through an energetic shift. “Restabilize Your Energy” teaches you how to maintain the energetic balance your body craves to function at its optimum level. “Success Strategies” facilitate ways to shift from self-sabotage to a winning mindset. “Healing PTSD Trauma” may not be for everybody. I have been trauma-free for twenty years now after I had created the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. It worked for me. It will work for you too.

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