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“Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy”

Universal Vibrational Therapy TM to heal your heart, mind and soul


1. “Healing PTSD Trauma” on CD transmutes the energies of present and past emotional trauma/PTSD through the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. Symptom-free, you will regain mastery of your life.

Depending how deep-seated your trauma is and its nature, you may only need to listen once, or you may want to listen for reinforcement repeatedly for a few days until your sixth sense will reaffirm that you are done. 


The energies of your trauma(s), ranging from present trauma back to childhood, birth, ancestral trauma will be transmuted in a safe, gentle way.
“Success Strategies” will inspire you to recognize and transform behavior patterns which have interfered with your success and happiness in the past.


2. “Restabilize Your Energy” is the Companion CD. In rapidly changing times, it will remind you to transmute the daily influx of invasive energies.

Once this brief regime has become a daily habit, you will be able to safeguard your vibrant energetic health.


One CD Set (of two CDs) @ $79.99


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