PTSD: To Conquer or to Deal With It

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, L-CSW-R, CtH
Trauma Expert, War Trauma Survivor

PTSD: What do you expect from yourself –
To Conquer your PTSD or to Deal with it?
What is Your Choice?

heart-fieldYou have returned home from combat. After a few weeks you may start having flashbacks, or become hypervigilant with uncontrollable outbursts of rage. You may experience nightmares or a combination of all of these symptoms or even others. In the waiting room at the VA you get a chance to listen in on the conversations of other vets. You learn that some of them have been coming here for years, even decades, for their medication to support their mental and/or physical health. What about therapy you ask? It has not always worked.

Often it appeared as if their trauma treatment were successful, yet symptoms returned when least expected. You get a rundown of the different kinds of therapies which are being used at the different VA Hospitals. You hear that the VA has been sponsoring research in hopes to find more effective treatment methods than the ones prevalent right now. Finally, it is your turn. After the usual routine of test batteries and consultation, it turns out that your diagnosis is PTSD. Your treatment of short-term exposure therapy combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy is to start in a few weeks. A prescription is handed to you.

What is PTSD?

The American Psychiatric Association has classified post-traumatic stress (PTSD) as a mental disorder in their DSM-IV edition. It intends to change the diagnosis for veterans to post-combat stress in their next edition. In general, PTSD has been considered as a severe anxiety disorder, caused by exposure to a potentially life-threatening event. Looking at PTSD from a scientific viewpoint, you may start to wonder whether it might need to be reclassified as an energy disorder. Allow me to explain my viewpoint.

Scientists have long recognized that each cell in our physical body is supported by intricate systems of energy, i.e. the energy body.. Already in 1931 Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg measured tiny electronic voltages in cells. From then on, research continued with astounding results. The functioning of organs, e.g. kidneys or liver, has been measured by the different frequencies these tiny electromagnetic impulses emit. Not so long ago, a special version of the MRI has been designed to measure the energetic health of individuals diagnosed with blast-induced TBI and PTSD.

Aside from the energetic structures within the physical body, there is also a broad protective layer, the energy field, around the body, with the function to protect the energy body, and the other bodies (i.e. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) from invasion of hostile energies. On the battlefield this protective energy field is overpowered by the onslaught of powerful hostile energy waves, (i.e. blasts of IEDs). These hostile energies proceed to invade the energy body. The energy body then alarms the other bodies in a chain reaction. According to Integrative Medicine the body which was attacked first, needs to be healed first. In this case, the energy body has been violated first. Therefore, it needs to be healed first. Only then, healing the other bodies fully will succeed.

While the invasion of our energy body and the chain reaction to alarm the other bodies occurs, the only message which our conscious awareness understands is when the PTSD symptoms set in. It is the signal to heal the compromised energy body, to take action to heal and strengthen it. Only then, it can re-assume its natural role to protect the physical body and to prevent further harm. To conclude:

PTSD is the signal of the energy body, to alarm all other systems that the energy body has been invaded. Action needs to be taken to heal the energy body, to strengthen it again so it can re-assume its natural role to protect the whole body and to prevent further harm to the whole system.


What is the unique advantage of energy therapy?


Energy therapy does not desensitize you to suppress your feelings. On the contrary, once the traumatic event and its symptoms have been transmuted through an energetic shift in a very gentle fashion, without having to relive the trauma, you will rediscover the richness of your inner self. The Universal Vibrational Therapy TM is the energy therapy which offers you in-depth healing of any emotional trauma which caused your symptoms of post-combat stress. I created it in 1992 to heal my own war trauma. It has withstood the test of time. I have been trauma-free for over twenty years now. The Universal Vibrational Therapy TM has become the foundation of “Healing PTSD Trauma”. which I have developed with you, Veterans, in mind so you can listen to my CD set and experience the energetic shift of having the roots of your emotional trauma transmuted in the privacy of your home. Any secondary symptoms like depression are transmuted as well. Once your energetic health is restored, you want to maintain it through a brief daily routine to fight off any new invasive energies, which easily bombard each and every one in chaotic times.

Will you assume the responsibility for your trauma treatment and conquer your PTSD through the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM? You will be free to rediscover your inner self, create a rich life and follow your dreams and visions.

I would like to emphasize that the CDset is not only for veterans returning from the battlefield, but also for civilians either diagnosed with PTSD or any other trauma, e.g. mobbing, i.e. harassment at the workplace/school, invasive surgeries, sexual assault, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, to name a few.

The CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy” is based on the energetic shift of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM to transmute the energies of any present or prior emotional trauma, the cause of your post-combat stress. While listening to the CD, your natural resilience will re-emerge, clarity of thought will be restored. Shame and guilt will be transmuted , as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Success Strategies will encourage you to develop a certain expertise about your own energy body. Guidelines on how to erase old unwanted behavior patterns are included. “Restabilize Your Energy” serves as a reminder to maintain your energy field at all times in prime condition. The CD set “Healing PTSD Trauma” and “Restabilize Your Energy” will empower you to fulfill your dreams and visions.

By Christel D • • 10:40 PM

Suicidal Thoughts Resolved thru ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’

Regain Your Emotional Health Through ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’
Fight Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

We are expressing our deep appreciation to our veterans for their services. We are also very much concerned about the alarming increase in veterans which have been experiencing signs of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). There may be more incidents of PTSD than the records of the VA evidence. And even though there is more openness on part of our veterans to seek help, it has happened, on occasion, that medical staff has rejected a soldier’s cry for help. Suicides have been reported as a result.

The increasing rate of suicides reveals how trapped many of our soldiers feel, that their only way out of a hopelessly depressing situation is to commit suicide. How many young lives are destroyed by this war? How many of our soldiers return traumatized with symptoms of PTSD? Then the symptoms of PTSD get transmitted to the whole family. Each member of the family gets drawn into this vicious cycle, often without being aware of it consciously. This cycle of PTSD repeats itself from one generation to the next. It is called intergenerational or also transgenerational trauma depending on the variables involved.

During World War I traumatized soldiers were considered shell shocked. After having been forced to live in the trenches for too long, a part of the West front of the German Empire was ready to go on strike. The soldiers were no longer willing to be perched in the trenches with rats in their faces. Whoever of these men came back alive was traumatized. Their symptoms of PTSD might not have been battle but trench related. However, PTSD was still unknown. Could it possibly be that, while deployed, our soldiers’ so-called PTSD is not always battle related but related to some other factors?

Since WWI knowledge about the symptoms of combat stress or post-traumatic stress (PTSD) has advanced. PTSD has officially been classified by the American Psychological Association in 1980. Before then, many a veteran was diagnosed with depression or some other label which then may have led to wrong treatment and ineffective medical prescriptions. Too many veterans have been ending up in mental wards or prisons because of wrong diagnosis. It is progress that now many judges in court realize that a veteran who commited a crime must be suffering from PTSD. Judges will then order treatment for PTSD.

As we progress in our awareness and treatment methods for PTSD, hopefully, we will develop more efficient safety nets for our veterans, to ensure they are being listened to, while deployed, and to facilitate an easier adjustment while at home.

‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘ is an excellent method to transmute the symptoms of PTSD in a fast-paced, gentle fashion. It is ideally suited to shift the toxic energies of depression and suicidal thoughts and replace them with renewed confidence and clarity of thoughts.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ will heal any trauma, present or going back in time to childhood, birth trauma, transgenerational or intergenerational PTSD.

Among the symptoms of PTSD are: nightmares, insomnia, sexual assault, flashbacks, hypervigilance, uncontrollable outburst of rage, depression, anxiety or panic attacks, confusion.

As a war trauma survivor I created my Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ to resolve my own trauma.
I have been trauma free for nearly twenty years now. Veterans, you, and all other unsung heroes, can also regain emotional and mental health. Listening to my CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ will transmute the toxic energies of the PTSD frequencies.

Through the Companion CD ‘Restabilize your Energy‘ you will learn to keep your energy field healthy from any old or new toxic energy intrusions.

The ‘Success Strategies’ constitute a bonus to adapt a positive mindset.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is your chance to own yourself again.

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