How To Heal PTSD & Trauma Efficiently

Healing PTSD Trauma Efficiently

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW. LCSW-R, CtH

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is the unique method by Universal Vibrational Therapy on CD

which will bring you lasting healing for any of your symptoms of PTSD.

Thousands of you, returning veterans, have been traumatized during your deployment and have been diagnosed with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD may only show itself about one month or so later after return from Iraq or Afghanistan.

After the excitement of returning home has simmered down for you, veterans, and your families, your household members return to their regular life-style. However, you, veterans, may find it very difficult to get readjusted to the same old routines. It may even appear more difficult than being deployed. Many of you might rather go back to Iraq or Afghanistan than having to cope with the challenge of getting readjusted to a ‘regular’ life at home. Hanging out with old friends just does not seem the same any more. And buddies don’t live close by. It is easy to feel isolated.

After a month or so, symptoms of PTSD may emerge out of the blue: insomnia, flashbacks, hypervigilance, mistaking noises as danger signals and signs of impending attack.

More often than not, veterans have numbed out which may be mistaken as resilience. In that case years later, symptoms may emerge by surprise and strike the individual completely unprepared. Unrecognized, PTSD may have settled in the cellular body, and physical symptoms of dis-ease may have shown up.

Veterans, you can prevent this happening to you. You also realize, you will never be the same again after having been deployed. War has shaped you in ways you never expected. You have matured far beyond your years. You can turn this into a tremendous advantage for yourself, your family, your community.

However, first you want to take care of your own energy. I’ll tell you in a minute how to. Even if you do not have any symptoms of PTSD at the present, you want to prevent future surprises. You want to restabilize your energy to have an easier time at home. And,  just in case of redeployment, you want to be prepared for that scenario, too.

There are quite a few treatment methods out there. We, health practitioners, try our best to help you, veterans, with your PTSD.  I’ve been on to something really special. I’ve created my Universal Vibrational Therapy™ to heal my own symptoms of war trauma. It has been nearly twenty years that I was inspired to transmute my own symptoms through an energy shift.

At that time, I did not give it a thought how medical diagnostic machines could diagnose health of organs or brains. When I did some research, it turned out these machines function based on measuring subtle energies of the brain, heart, or other organs. The same subtle energies keep us all alive. So it would actually make great sense to ‘restabilize’ our energies as best as we can. That’s what I did when I pioneered my therapy which at this point, is the most powerful, accelerated type of therapy out there.

Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD with its Companion CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy’ is the unique accelerated way to resolve your PTSD and to restart your self-empowered life.

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Fighting Multiple Trauma, Even PTSD?

Fighting War Trauma, Trauma at Home

Trauma within You, Even PTSD? ‘Healing PTSD Trauma is Your Answer’

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Fighting multiple traumas, on different fronts, may be even Post-Traumatic Stress  (PTSD)? There is the trauma of the war itself. Then, there may be trauma on the homefront, families in conflict, spouses dismayed over your absence, children in trouble, feeling abandoned. And you far away, deprived of the comfort knowing that everything is well at home, even though you are on foreign terrain. Another trauma is brewing, the one inside you. Your nerves are no longer soothed when you think of your loved ones at home. You feel like you are being torn apart inside. At times, you may not be far away from PTSD and even thoughts of suicide. The kinship to your buddies, your brothers may pull you through.

As a war trauma survivor, I have had to fight the trauma within. This is how I created my Universal Vibrational Therapy. It can help you even while deployed to restabilize your energy, to restore the clarity of thought.  ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ is your answer.

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Healing PTSD – Restabilize Your Energy

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Who would have expected that our soldiers would still have to fight in Afghanistan ten years later? Meanwhile, the number of veterans returning traumatized from combat, diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)  or Military Sexual Trauma (MST) has been increasing in alarming numbers. According to the latest statistics, attempted suicides rose to 2,000 last year. Intervention for 239 veterans did not come in time to save their lives. The end of multiple deployments does not seem to be in sight.

Frequent redeployments have meant an enormous sacrifice on the physical and emotional health of the troops and their families. Not only husbands, wives, lovers, have had to sacrifice but thousands of underage children. Parents have had to become caretakers of their disabled sons and daughters. The sacrifice is immense and its real cost to the well-being of our nation cannot even be estimated.

Then, the more than overtaxed caretakers are confronted with the task to heal the desperate men and women which have returned from hell broken loose. Men and women whose belief in life has been shattered — and then, face limited resources to restore their physical and emotional health. Life around them continues as usual.

The situation is daunting. May I offer hope and restore your belief in a healthier future?
A trauma expert and war trauma survivor, I have been free of trauma through my self-created Universal Vibrational Therapy TM for nearly twenty years now. It transmutes any trauma/post-traumatic stress (PTSD), no matter how long ago the trauma  occurred. It offers you an energy solution on the premise that your energy field was violated by the  intrusive toxic energies of PTSD. Therefore, to restore and restabilize your energy is of prime importance and necessary for your healing.

The CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ will restore the belief in yourself in record time through an energetic shift of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. Read more about the benefits at

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Learning from Our Vietnam Vets?

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Are we listening to our Vietnam Vets and their disheartening stories? Often their gains achieved through successful CPT treatment did not last. Full-fledged symptoms of PTSD had returned later with a vengeance. Even renewed rounds of PTSD treatment had not healed the veterans from their trauma and they had to resign  themselves that they will have to fight their inner battleground the rest of their lives.

Since Vietnam veterans have had to suffer from the relapse of PTSD for the last 35 years we can only wonder how the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other battlegrounds ever since Vietnam will fare.

I am a war trauma survivor. My trauma could not be resolved through traditional psychotherapy. That’s when I created my Universal Vibrational Therapy ™. It is based on the concept that the energy field needs to be healed, since the energies of trauma have invaded the human body through the energy field. I have been trauma free for about twenty years now.

Veterans, I have created my CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ through my Universal Vibrational Therapy™ for you. It will transmute the energies of trauma through a vibrational shift. You want to listen to it in the privacy of your own home to rediscover yourself. You will learn to , ‘Restablilize your Energy‘ through the companion CD so you are ready for redeployment. In addition, Success Strategies will help you to replace self-defeating behavior patterns with a new powerful mindset.

Veterans, reconquer your life and fulfill your dreams!

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Veterans Reconquer Your Energy

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

It is a groundbreaking achievement for neuroscience to be able to diagnose PTSD through the MEG Machine. However, the crucial importance of including the energy body in our healing therapies has hardly been acknowledged and still needs to reach mainstream. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt explained in one of his lectures that any ailment can only be healed in the body it originated. He differentiates between five bodies: physical, emotional, mental, energy, spiritual.

When I created my Universal Vibrational Therapy™ in 1992 to heal my own war trauma, I had not even been familiar with this concept. I only knew that the traditional and some of the alternate treatment methods had not worked and that I needed to find my own solution. I did. I transmuted the symptoms energetically I have been trauma free for nearly twenty years. Veterans, you can be trauma free, too.

Listen to my CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’. The Universal Vibrational Therapy ™ will transmute the unwanted energies of PTSD and replace them with life-sustaining vibrations to heal heart and mind. You will get a solid foundation to win your life back, learn Success Strategies for daily life and how to ‘Restabilize Your Energy’, the companion CD, as armor against possible future trauma.

Veterans, are you serious about wanting to reconquer your energy? Then, don’t hesitate a second, order your life-changing CDs now.

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Military Wives Allow Peace to Come Home to You

‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ – My Fast-Paced Suggestion to Heal PTSD Effectively

To Restabilize Your Husband’s Energy

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

You love your husband deeply; yet, you know that at times, without even realizing it, he might attack you, in mistaken self-defense, putting your life at risk.

While battlefront has come home to you, you have options, but none is as potent and works as fast as the one I would like to suggest to you. A war trauma survivor I realized I needed to find a technique that differed from traditional therapies in order to heal my own war trauma. Trauma occurs first in the energy body (not in the mental body), It inspired me to transmute the energies of trauma and restabilize my energy. It did work. I went ahead and created my Universal Vibrational Therapy ™. It is the fast-paced, effective solution I want to suggest so peace can come home to you.

I have been free of the symptoms of war trauma for the last eighteen years. The same is within reach for your beloved too. Listening to the CDs in the privacy of your own home, will allow the energies of combat stress to be transmuted in a disciplined, safe fashion, Success Strategies will explain how to replace self-defeating behavior  through a positive mindset and the companion CD “Restabilize Your Energy” will teach to transmute the energies of daily stress, whether at home or overseas, in record time. Military wives, allow peace to come home to you through my CD  “Healing PTSD Trauma” and my companion Cd “Restabilize Your Energy”.

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Restabilize Your Energy

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

If you were to choose to have your trauma energies transmuted and also learn how to restabilize your energy daily, it would mean you had conquered your inner enemy on its own turf, the energy field.

At the same time, you would have fortified your inner core energetically. If another deployment were to await you, you would be ready to serve, stronger than before, always able to transmute the toxic energies of a new trauma by yourself.

While at home, you would feel more relaxed, be at peace with yourself, enjoy your family and life more.

Give yourself a break, listen to the CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ by the Universal Vibrational Therapy ™. You will not regret it!

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