Brain Research Confirms PTSD Can Be Healed

Train Your Neuroplastic Brain

To Heal Your Trauma, to Rewire Your

Electric Frequency (Hz) from Fear to Love


Creator of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM

War Trauma Survivor Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH


Latest astounding advancements in neuroplasticity of the human brain reconfirm the validity of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM and its distilled version, the CDset for “Healing PTSD Trauma”. It may take decades until recent discoveries reach main stream. By then, neuroscientists may have reached more advanced conclusions about the true nature of the innate human potential. Healing methods may assume an even faster speed in vibrational energy.


Many of you, veterans, have been suffering from your invisible wounds ever since you have returned home from war. You have become bitter that treatment of your PTSD, PTS has not shown the results in healing that you so richly deserved after having sacrificed your health in war. My heart goes out for you. Yes, physical and emotional treatment methods have been and are still lagging behind scientific discoveries. It shows the severe shortcoming of an imperfect world where specialization has become the norm. In the past this lack of knowledge could not have been bridged through the best Western healthcare system, Veterans Hospitals or government. It may be the hardest pill for you to swallow; yet, it is essential for you to accept this fact so you can move on to your own healing.


You may be aware of research which has studied the damage to the human brain rattling around during the blast pressure waves of artillery, IED’s etc. You may also have come across test results which show how much effort has been put into the design of a 100% protective helmet to protect soldiers in combat. Usually, soldiers with PTSD have been exposed to rattled brains durings blast waves. So if anybody were to assume that a soldier is weak because he suffers from PTSD has no idea of the variables of warfare. Instead of asking why did it happen, and why have I not been healed so far, you may want to learn how to master your life in unexpected ways.


By the way, your flashbacks, nightmares, and other triggers were originally only the warning signals of your energy sytem. The symptoms tend to be reinforced, since your energy system has not been fully recharged. Once your vibrational energies have been replenished, your subconscious will relay the message to all parts of your body. Your whole system will calm down. Neuroscientists have researched and documented exactly the interplay between different parts of your brain when the electric frequencies (in Hz) are changed from ‘fear’ to ‘love’.


Give yourself permission to stop punishing yourself for the shortcomings of the world around you. It is not too late to decide to conquer your post-traumatic stress. Summon the fighter spirit in you that knew his mission was to return from war alive. Do you recall your dreams and visions back then? Reflect upon them and determine how to bring them back to life. What can you do to change the frequencies from ‘fear’ to ‘love’ and once accomplished, how can you sustain the gains?


While I understand that my solution is not for everybody, it does work. If you are determined to say good-bye to your emotional trauma and its symptoms and you opt for a speedy rewiring of your electric circuitry, then my CDset “Healing PTSD Trauma” is the unique method for you, while the second component ‘Restabilize Your Energy’ will teach you the brief daily regime to sustain the gains achieved in the midst of disharmonious energies in your daily life.


By Christel D • • 3:58 PM

PTSD – Warrior Transition Program

Select ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD,

Whether Wounded in Combat or War Zone,

To Heal your Symptoms of PTSD / Trauma

Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Whether you were wounded in combat or the war zone and you returned with the emotional trauma of PTSD, select Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD. It will transmute your symptoms of PTSD through an energetic shift of the Universal Vibrational Therapy TM.

Before I tell you more about my ‘Healing PTSD trauma’ let me fill you in on the latest report of the U.S. Army Inspector’s General Office about the Warrior Transition Units at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The report also includes the other transition units across the country, at major Army posts and in community based programs for reservists.

Within one year over 26,000 soldiers have gone through these Warrior Transition Units and 9,500 soldiers are presently being treated there.

While improved since last year, the Warrior Transition Program still points to major issues that stand in the way of satisfying the soldiers’ and the Army’s needs.
Units are still underfunded, understaffed, and with increasing demands in service.

Since the evaluation process of soldiers is not standardized across the board, evaluations are passed from one board to the next with an undue delay in between. As a consequence, treatment is delayed and discharge is delayed too.The latter happens to the chagrin of the commanders who need their troops back in timely fashion for further deployment. It appears treatment time, sandwiched in between,  may get shortchanged.

It has been pointed out, in order to function efficiently, the present system needs a manual with streamlined unified regulations across the board, with unified standards of medical diagnosis, military fitness and guiding principles, all combined in a precise procedural manual listing regulations. Based on these regulations timely unified evaluations will be produced for combat wounded soldiers. It will also include military personnel which was injured in the war zone or contracted a disease while there. It will also cover the  treatment of permanently disabled soldiers, with unknown medical issues, TBI and PTSD.

As it turned out classroom based theoretical instructions for platoon sergeants and other leaders did not equip them to deal comfortably with their wounded comrades as patients  with symptoms of TBI and PTSD.They expressed a need for further training so that they could carry out their assignments with increased competence. Many of them expressed that they felt they were ‘taking a knee’ instead of being considered for more prestigious jobs.

In understaffed settings physicians tend to overmedicate in order to avoid that patients become unruly. On the other hand, it is also an art to prescribe the right dosage since each individual patient may react differently. It often may take months to find the right medication and dosage, if ever. According to soldiers’ complaints in the Warrior Transition Units they were being overmedicated.

Specialized therapists acknowledged there was a great shortage in staff in behavioral health (i.e. TBI, PTSD, etc.), occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Soldiers and all you, other unsung heroes, if the waiting lines are too long to get treatment at the VA and you experience the symptoms of post-traumatic-stress (PTSD), then do not hesitate. Get treatment. My ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD will afford you to listen to the CD in the privacy of your own home. It will transmute the symptoms of PTSD/emotional trauma  through an energetic shift to restore your energetic emotional health. My Universal Vibrational therapy TM will transmute any emotional trauma, present or past.

Your symptoms may include depression, guilt, anxiety attacks, irrational fears, uncontrollable outbursts of rage, irritability, hypervigilance, feeling alienated from family and friends, supersensitive to noises and certain smells, flash backs, insomnia, nightmares, suicidal thoughts.

When traditional kinds of therapy did not resolve my own war trauma years ago, I created my own Universal Vibrational Therapy TM. I have been trauma-free for about 20 years now. You can transmute your symptoms of PTSD too. You may want to read more about it at my ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ site.

Allow yourself to heal. My ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on CD is safe and gentle.

By Christel D • • 8:15 PM
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