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Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

So far, Tetris has only been tested in the laboratory. Developing the theory further and testing it in real-life will be an interesting piece of information. If the theory does pin out and reduces symptoms of PTSD flashbacks, the research team imagines Tetris as an adjunct to counseling or other forms of therapy. Would the notion of exposure therapy, the way we understand it now, change? It is premature to even speculate about it.

In the laboratory test healthy volunteers were asked to watch a movie about traumatic injuries, like car accidents while drivers were under the influence of alcohol. Afterwards, one group was asked to play a game of Tetris for ten minutes. The other group played the word-based quiz game Pub Quiz Machine 2008. The control group did not get to play anything. The evaluation showed that the group that played Tetris had a reduced number of flashbacks about the traumatic injuries which they had viewed. The group which had played the word-based quiz game Pub Quiz Machine 2008 had an even higher increase in flashbacks than the inactive control group. Test results also indicated that playing Tetris only showed a beneficial effect if played within a four-hour time span between watching a stressful movie and attempting to solve the Tetris puzzle on the computer.

Laboratory tests do not replace real-life traumatic situations, known to trigger symptoms of PTSD. Would watching the series “Pacific” on HBO trigger PTSD in you? Pretty unlikely, if you are a healthy adult.

The beneficial effect of this “cognitive vaccine”, as it has been called by the researchers and the media, may not work for everybody. Your PTSD flashbacks may merely be replaced by traumatic flashbacks of playing Tetris. Not everybody considers playing puzzle games a fun activity, in which case the quantity of flashbacks would also increase.

The Oxford University research is based on the concept that memory is being formed in two different channels: 1)through perception, and 2) through context. Tetris appears to work much better than the quiz game for the following reason: Tetris displays visual sensory images which compete with some of the traumatic earlier formed images. In fact, they block involuntary recall. (meaning flashbacks, while voluntary recall stays intact.)

The quizz game is based on asking questions and answers. It neglects  to focus on the spatial visual images (the part that involuntary flashbacks are made of) but concentrates on the verbal, contextual part of the experience. The quizz game leaves the flashbacks intact, even increases them  since it causes extra stress on the system.

Yet the day may come where, you, soldier, while deployed, may be asked , after having nearly been blown to pieces:
“Soldier,  would you like to play a game of Tetris for the next ten minutes? It may reduce the likelihood of your developing PTSD flashbacks.”

How would you react?

Meanwhile let’s wish Dr. Emily Holmes and her research team lots of success to their project. Let us concentrate on a very effective method to solve your PTSD right here and now.

I am referring to my ‘Healing PTSD Trauma’ on Cd. It is a fast-paced, very gentle method which I created to heal my own war trauma. I named it Universal Vibrational Therapy™. I developed a discplined protocol to include all kinds of trauma, from the present, going back in time, to childhood, birth trauma, trauma in the womb, transgenerational trauma, sexual assault, physical and mental violation.

I also included all the many symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD), just to name a few: flashbacks, hypervigilance, insomnia, depression, uncontrollable bursts of rage, confusion, hypersensitivity to noises, smells, and possibly thoughts of ending your life.

Would you please make up your mind that you will do everything in your power to heal yourself, that you will not play Russian roulette with your health. You can heal. Prove it to yourself. That’s what I did. I have been trauma free for about twenty years now. However, I make sure that energetically, I transmute toxic frequencies, the old and any new ones.That’s why I developed for you the Companion CD ‘Restabilize Your Energy’ to teach you how to maintain a healthy energy body. I also included an extra bonus ‘Success Strategies’ just as a reinforcer for a positive mindset.

Do not hesitate any longer. Beat your symptoms of trauma and PTSD through my CD ‘Healing PTSD Trauma‘.

By Christel D • •

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