Veterans PTSD Therapy – Transmute Symptoms

Christel. B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

The number of veterans that have returned with symptoms of PTSD has risen at an alarming rate. Frequent redeployment most certainly can result in PTSD, although the awareness of it may not be openly felt for some time. There are other variables such as extremely hot weather, possible dehydration, and other variables.

Experimental treatment methods have sprung up, some more promising than others. The line for treatment at the VA hospitals is still inordinately high. Short-term methods have become the treatment of choice with varying results. At times, symptoms have become magnified and recourse to medication has often appeared the only choice.

My CD “Healing PTSD Trauma” transmutes the symptoms of trauma through profound energy shifts. At the same time, it also resolves earlier traumas going back to childhood, birth and even intergenerational traumas. “Success Strategies” to master a positive mindset are included on the CD. You may want to read more about it on the Home page or the Online Store.

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